High School Kung Fu Fight

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Play the best high school boys & girls bully Kung Fu fighting game, free karate gangster kickboxing game

Welcome, AAA gamers & High-Level game players. Are you a fan of the real gang boxing games, wrestling games, or like the world’s top Kung Fu games? Then wait is over for you guys in this action-packed new fighting game. This super fun and the relaxing game is designed to battle against the bullying that goes on every day in schools around the globe. Everyone in high school has become a bully fighting gangster which is spoiling your ego. Ultimate bully karate Kung Fu games challenge is an exciting arcade High School MMA fighting bad boys and bad girls action karate game for free. Let’s imagine yourself as a crazy karate & martial art master that is the top ultimate hero fighter with the best superheroes competing skills in this American high school kung fu top karate games, to save your friends from beating, throw rocks and papers, and gangsters evil punishments. In this new exciting top gangster school kickboxing fighting game, you can play at amazing places around the city schools. Players will enjoy the superstar model girls & boys fighting experience in this modern girl wrestling game.

Well in 2021, Play the all-time best combination of real boys fighting games and girls karate games in this special real fighting battle of American grand school gangsters. Play the hardest of real superhero fighting game against world pro fighting boys. Karate, Kung Fu, and martial art fighting become extremely popular worldwide and have many fighting variations. Are you expert enough to control a giant champion in this free Boys & Girls fighting games 2021? Become the top unbeatable players of knock out school championship to defeat the evil students in this freestyle new action game. Kick out all school fighters. Get into the modern city school kick boxing and become the master of school karate champion. Use quick reflexes and special katana moves, unleash fierce punches and combos, beat all rivals, and become the only king of high school kung fu karate champion.

This game is not about shooting or killing but it’s the best game full of adventure fighting. Unleash top hero fight with special moves like Kung Fu, karate, kick and punch and upgrade your bully character level with super-fast moves in the latest style High school battle. As a third-person top player, you have to face the bullies of the school and save your friend’s life in this epic high school gang karate fighting & revenge game. Explore the new world of a superpower with the breathtaking action-packed adventure of real transform super fight and boxing battle in school gangster bully-free game. This top fighting game includes the complete high school gangster theme with extra missions, characters, teachers, and classroom with fellow students in super katana Game.


* AAA quality 3D High school Environment
* Beautifully designed boys, girls, teachers models
* Intelligent and smooth controls
* Thrilling & challenging karate girl & boys Missions
* Fun playing of hours
* Time killer and free fun game
* Win girls fighting matches & get rewarded points to unlock the next bully challenge

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